Tomorrow's Talent Book Vol. II

Bacchanalia is featured in the new Booooooom publication alongside 59 other incredible artists.


A closer look at varnish application and the finished triptych in my home Studio.

Captured by Kynan Tait -

Hell Hounds Prints

Limited edition run of 20 giclée prints 

24 x 32 inches 

Signed and numbered

Limited Edition Prints 

Giclée prints available for The Descent from the Cross (23.5 x 32 inches) and Judith Slaying Holofernes (18 x 21.25 inches).

- Limited edition run of 20 prints each

- Giclée on Epson Hot Press Bright Cotton Rag

- Signed and numbered

Prologue solo exhibition


May 2 - May 30, 2019

Fortune Gallery
537 Fisgard Street
Victoria, BC

Polychrome Fine Art

Last Rites
Mitchell Villa

OPENING RECEPTION: Sept 22nd | 7 - 11pm
SHOW: Sept 18th - Oct 1st

The Waterfall Building
205 - 1540 west 2nd Avenue

Vancouver, BC 

The Waterfall Building Presents: "LAST RITES" Our 10th solo exhibition of the year, featuring the work of Vancouver Island based artist Mitchell Villa.

"LAST RITES" is a collection of work that focuses on the human condition, with an emphasis on imminent final moments. The artist found beauty in the undesirable and combined the most climactic seconds of a situation into a singular snapshot. The intensity of his subject matter is enhanced by the application of paint and his bold colour palette. Through smears of paint and layered images, he is able to force movement and energy into a static surface.


Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Mitchell Villa

Christian Whiticar

May 13-15 , 2016

Untitled Art Space

436 Columbia Street

Vancouver, BC

Friday the 13th is a collaborative project by artists Christian Whiticar and Mitchell Villa. The two grew up on Vancouver Island together and have been friends since childhood. Their long history of skating, painting, rock & roll and general tom foolery can be recognized throughout both of their work while each maintaining a specific style unique to them as individuals. From their respective cities, Mitchell in Victoria and Christian in Vancouver, the artists have created two large scale collaborative installations that are site-specific to Untitled Art Space. The exhibition will also include acrylic paintings the artists have been working on individually for the past several months. Friday the 13th is representative of the artists' friendship in it's portrayal of individual, self exploration and simultaneous shared experience.